Your restaurant staff should be able to transfer tickets quickly, split checks, change tables, online booking order to use mobile application, change item quantities, change item prices, repeat drinks or menu items, manage tables, keep track of reservations, and adjust gratuity or taxes.
Managing any business specially a restaurant is no easy task – busy kitchens, cash management, quick customer service and a huge setup process keeps the entire management occupied all the time! In today’s competitive service industry, your restaurant needs to keep customers happy to ensure that they become repeat customers for a lifetime.
This means that you need to manage the backend complexities and use well-organized available in the mobile app.

restaurant management system is a web application and mobile application. This system is developed to automate day to day activity of a restaurant with the support of mobile apps to manage multiple location and online booking system for mobile users. From website or android apps customer can order food easily from any place and also they can book their table, position, waiter etc for lunch or dinner. And from admin panel admin can monitor everything.

FEATURES (Multiple Restaurant Management System)

• Easy to install
• Manage users
• Manage restaurants
• Manage Website for placing order
• Restaurant payouts [Generate Reports that help admin payouts easily]
• keep track of all payments of restaurants
• Powerfull reports that helps admin summarize earnings and restaurants easily
• Live Kitchen – (Kitchen with real time data)
• Stock and inventory management • Dish management • Order management • Kitchen management • Waiter management • Income Report
• Expanse Report
• Dish Report
• Waiter Report
• Kitchen Report
• Manage categories
• Manage Items
• Manage orders
• Set Currency
• Payment reports

Mob-App Features

• Full native source code.
• Featuring, Favorites, filter, cooking time, delivery time, opening/closing time
• Social Logins [Phone verification & facebook login]
• Geo Search – Search nearby restaurant from the map
• Ride App where rider can accept or reject a order, a order assigned by restaurant
• Pick the best restaurant with higest rating
• Browse categories and Items based on your taste.
• User will get notification whenever order status is changes
• Instant checkout with one tap.
• payment gateway integrated
• Order edit / cancel options
• On going and past order history
• Paid & Unpaid order history
• Elegant Intro pages
• User profile management
• Separate admin panel for restaurant, customer and rider
• lovely contact us
• And much more