Testing Services

Testing Services
The Testing phase comprises of nearly 30% of the total software development lifecycle and has emerged as a strategic function. Every defect found early in the software development lifecycle saves millions of dollar of revenues for the companies. A recent analyst study stated that "finding and repairing software defects post-production costs the average company substantial portion of the total cost of development. Almost 60-70% of software development dollars go to defect repair."

Our Testing Services provides a wide range of service offerings based on best industry practices for cost-effective identification and fixing of software defects from software and IT systems. With software development lifecycles crashing and constant pressure to release products faster, Testing has become all the more critical to ensure application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence. Messenger2050 dedicated Testing Services business unit has a comprehensive solution portfolio comprising of

• Basic Testing services
• Specialized Testing services
• Testing Support services
• Enterprise Testing servicesbr

Basic Testing services:
Our basic testing services span the testing lifecycle and include:
• System testing
• System Integration testing
• Acceptance testing
Our team of test specialists also provide value added services like:
• Conversion and Migration testing
• Globalization and Localization testing

Specialized Testing Services:

Test Automation -Our Test Automation Services provide significant cost savings and productivity gains. Our test automation process adheres to scripting standards and embraces industry best practices to ensure test effectiveness.

Non-functional Testing

• Performance Testing - Our Performance Testing services address performance issues by

comprehensively testing for the scalability of applications using industry-standard and open source performance testing tools. Our dedicated Performance Testing Center of Excellence conducts research and development on process and tool enhancements to provide a wide range of performance testing value creators. Leveraging its extensive experience, our center has developed a range of high-value services evolving out of basic performance testing services.

• Security Testing - Our methodology for security testing is designed to identify potential loopholes and weaknesses in your system to assess its vulnerability.

• Usability Testing - Our multidisciplinary Usability Group consists of technical and usability professionals who assess the usability of your applications and interfaces with respect to their appearance and ease of use.

• Data Warehouse Testing - We use a unique, structured approach to data warehouse testing that runs in parallel with the development flow to eliminate anomalies before they reach production. Our data warehouse testing methodology is incremental and is designed to accommodate changing data warehouse schema arising from evolving business needs. Testing happens at different stages, each of which is performed to validate data completeness, transformation logic, data quality and performance scalability.

• SOA Testing -Our comprehensive tool-based, message-driven test approach for SOA testing facilitates application-to-application communication across multiple layers of the technology stack. Our time-tested agile and iterative test execution methodology play a crucial role in ensuring shorter time to market of SOA-based applications.